Alice Benson, President & CEO of Gatti & Associates, Shares Growth Strategy with the Boston Business Journal

“Executive search has proven to be lucrative business in Massachusetts, especially for many of the larger and more established firms that operate in the Greater Boston area.

The companies on the Boston Boston Journal’s latest list of the 25 largest executive search firms in Massachusetts generated more than $133 million in search revenue in 2015 from their Bay State offices and averaged over $191,000 in annual salaries for the executives they were able to place in the last year.

The BBJ research team asked the top executives of some of the executive search firms in our top 25 how their strategy has evolved over the last several years to grow their business in the Greater Boston marketplace.”

Alice Professional

“We have become clear that the value of an executive search partner is really about ‘fit.’ Employers can find their own resumes – they get shovelfuls of them now with so much online. We’ve deepened our commitment to yes, getting the ‘technical’ skills right, but a laser focus on the right fit. It’s why over 88% of our business is from referrals or repeat clients.”

-Alice Benson, President & CEO of Gatti & Associates

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