Benflo and Groupschemes Continue to Deliver a Global Employee Engagement Platform, Now Under a Single Brand

Two years ago, GattiHR with our European partners, set out to build a comprehensive employee engagement platform, and we did it. Benflo was designed to help employees connect, learn and grow, at work and on the go, all from a single, easy to use platform.

With our partners in Ireland, we created a platform with International relevance and capability, and have now decided to bring our thinking together under a single, global brand name. Starting today, we are Wrkit. As Wrkit we are able to deliver a common and powerful experience everywhere our clients and their employees need it. The key modules that make up the Wrkit experience – Wellbeing, Recognition, Learning, Savings and Feedback – continued to be developed by our diverse team of experts including Medical Professionals, Engagement Experts, top class Web Developers, Designers and Customer Service Specialists. We remain steadfast in our ambition: to make employee engagement easy by delivering relevant tools to inspire and retain your workforce.

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