COVID is Creating Job Search Challenges

Michael Delisle, Vice President, Regional Practice Leader interviewed by William Flamme, ExecuNet

There are several key challenges that job seekers are facing that are particular to this year because of COVID-19.

Certain industries have constrained budgetary impacts because of COVID-19 i.e.: Hospitality, Transportation, Healthcare Delivery, etc. Although these industries have seen reductions in available positions, E-commerce, Security, Digital Healthcare, and Real-Estate are experiencing record expansion and there is a high demand for technical, marketing, sales, and operational roles. Advanced analytics, engineering, data science, cloud architects, and clinical positions.

A key challenge for high-demand positions is the number of applicants per position has increased significantly.

Candidates focused in this area should leverage and develop their network, pursue a social media outreach to their target employers including participating in industry groups, pursue connections that can influence your candidacy, assess your skills, accomplishments and develop a resume (personal branding) that reflects and targets highly desired skills. Practice your presentation and interviewing skills (role play) to be successful in a Teams/Zoom video interaction. Thoroughly research your target companies develop attributes from your accomplishments that will stand out. For example: as a product leader delivered new cloud applications that generated 30% revenue lift within the first 12 months of launch.

December is a month where budgeting and planning are occurring as well as year-end revenue objectives. Do not let this time prevent you from continuing consistent outreach using all channels.

Companies need to meet and execute their plans and talent management is critical to their success. Even in organizations that have seen downturns – companies with these challenges are seeking transformation leadership, innovation, as well as candidates that can drive efficiency and optimize.

Leverage and target your audience based on your skills and interests. Companies faced with layoffs are also hiring as they adjust skills required to succeed in this environment.

Bottom line – Stay focused, be persistent, and ensure your skills are relevant.