Creating an Attractive Company Lands Top Talent—Strategies for Doing So

Okay, you found the Rock Star, the Unicorn, the Superhero who will solve all of your problems…Now you want them to say “Yes” to your job offer. You want them to sign on the dotted line and help the company reach the next level of success.

The first thing to consider when working to entice the candidate to join your company is the reasons why someone would choices to leave their current job. They likely have vacation time and health benefits they would lose by leaving their employer. They likely have friends and know their job well. They should be comfortable. But regardless of what they would lose and the relationships they have developed, they still look for new employers. People change jobs because:

  • More meaningful work
  • Increase responsibility in work/promotion
  • Poor Company culture
  • Better benefits
  • Bad managers/bosses
  • Increase pay

So, to develop a strategy for not only attracting top talent but getting them to nod their head and joining your great company, you want to look at all your company has to offer.

Money is Not Everything – But it is Important

You can’t forget the first real reason anyone gets up, goes to work and stays the day until the job is done. It’s to earn the money they need to live the lifestyle they strive to live. Very few people have a trust fund and work because they are bored with life. People need to eat, kids need a new pair of shoes, spouse needs a new car. There is no barter system here. Money makes things happen.

So you want to be sure in the beginning that you offer a fair salary for the work that will be performed. It’s proven employees that stress over money and bills are distracted employees and less productive. Offering competitive salary along with assistant programs goes a long way and should be every company’s first focus.

Boost Benefits

When you think of a benefits package, what comes to mind is medical, dental and vision. This is essential for anyone who strives to be healthy. You should offer the best you can for your current and future associates.

But benefits extend beyond just how they get doctor visits paid. Consider:

  • A wellness program that offers exercise rooms, classes or educational courses that help keep them out of doctor offices
  • Retirement programs that are flexible for a diverse age group
  • Support programs that offer counseling services to assist employees who are struggling with financial issues, marital/parenting issues, or mental health
Add Meaning

Top candidates will at times take on less pay if there is a greater reward to be won by working for a certain company. Some companies offer the right training to take a person in the career direction they are looking to go, such as:

  • Management and leadership training
  • Special skills training
  • Technology training

While other companies have a mission statement that reflects more meaningful work such as:

  • Helping the needy
  • Healing the sick
  • Changing the world climate for the better

What draws these top candidates is a sense of purpose in what they are doing. This can easily be accomplished in even companies that are not exactly moving the universe. Having employees in charge of mentoring or coaching can entice a signature of acceptance on the offer letter.

Positive Work Environment

The work environment is vital. Most people spend close to a third of their day at the office or job site. It is key that the employee feels comfortable and inspired by their work.

Considered the workspace:

  • If they are working from home – Is the software and technology of the best quality or is it outdated equipment?
  • If they are working at a job site – Are all safety guidelines and protocols followed? Do they have all the PPE they need to be protected?

Consider the culture:

  • Are Zoom meetings held for just business or are they used as a means for remote employees to reconnect with coworkers and interact socially?
  • Is communication regular and transparent or are employees unsure what is going on and feeling in the dark?

At the end of the day, you want your top talent to go home feeling rewarded and recognized and eager to return the next day to accomplish more great things.

Why Candidates Say No.

Remember why people are looking to change jobs in the first place. Even if you can’t provide top talent everything they are looking for, be sure to focus on meeting their most important needs and create a work environment that is flexible and meaningful. If you come up short with your offer, be it lower pay or lack of learning and promotion, the right candidate may say, “No thank you,” and you don’t want that.

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