Defining this New (Remote) Normal

By: Diana Lavery, Director of Marketing & Sales Research, GattiHR

As we now are all about a month into this new remote working lifestyle, some of us have figured out what does and doesn’t work for us to be the most productive as possible. If you’re still figuring it out, here are 3 tips below to helping define this new working way of life.

1. Define your work space.

Pick 1 spot and stick to it. Jumping around from room to room each day increases distractions and decreases boundaries – One day you’re sitting in front of the tv (only 10 minutes of watching won’t hurt!), the next day you’re sitting in your bed (man, these pillows are comfy…), and the next day you’re sitting at your dining room table (this wooden chair is nothing like yesterday’s pillows!). Picking a consistent spot in your home increases productivity and decreases distractions. Having a set spot for your laptop, files and other office products helps you create stability and encourages a sense of normalcy.

2. Define your work schedule.

Keeping a set working schedule is as important as ever. Be sure to start work only when you get to your workspace and shut down when you’d normally leave the office. Determining when you’ll finish working for the day helps your work-life balance and set boundaries. Yes, even when we were all in our office buildings, we’d encounter days where we’d have to stay late, but the difference between then and now is that THEN, we’d leave our offices and go home. NOW, we’re already home. Without defining our work schedules, it’s common to find ourselves over-working and burning ourselves out.

3. Define your tasks.

Keeping on track with all these new distractions can be difficult. It’s important to define each day’s tasks and keep track of when they’re completed. Keeping a to-do list helps you avoid procrastinating and will also help you feel more accomplished and aligned with your professional goals. Taking a scheduled break is also an incredibly important task, whether it’s for lunch or to go outside and take a walk.