Essential Tips for Building a Better Top Talent Search

When building a prosperous company, it is important to have top talent. Let’s face it, good people are the driving force behind any profitable company. Call them Rock Stars or Unicorns, top talent is essential for company growth and success, which is why they are in high demand and difficult to find. You can’t just put a “Help Wanted” sign in your front door and hope the perfect person will walk in and apply.

The good news is there are several great ways to attract the top talent your company need. With strategy and hard work, you can get great people who want to apply and join your company. Implementing as many ways as possible will up your chances of sitting across the table of a bright new candidate and offering them a job.

Get the Word Out

The first thing to consider when looking for top talent is – does top talent know about your company and job openings? It is important to get the word out there about you and the fact you are hiring. Much like marketing a new product or service, a new job opening needs to be known. Some best advertising resources are:

  • Events – Job fairs at colleges or public services reaches a large pool of candidates that are just starting out in their career or are actively job searching due to circumstances.
  • Career sites and job boards – There are many online resources that job seekers go on to find work. Using this resource, you can reach people at their home, on their phones or at their desk of their current job that they are considering leaving.

The key to remember is that these methods work most effectively if you have the reputation as the employer of choice.

Be a Top Employer

Having talent lining up to apply with you gives you a larger pool to pick from and find the top candidates you are looking for. To accomplish this, you want to strive to be the employer of choice:

  • Who is innovative and growing
  • Who treats their employees fairly
  • Who has the reputation as flexible
  • Who gives back to the community

The key here is to spread the word. And the best way to accomplish this is word of mouth. People talk among each other. One of the main subjects is their jobs. People spend a large amount of time at their workplace and their employer, and if they are happy associates, they are more likely to express their satisfaction with their job.

Use Those Who Believe in You

So, if you have employees that are loyal and satisfied with their jobs, it goes without saying that they are your best advocates. Their continued service to you proves they already believe in the company and can assist with bring in more great talent.

There is nothing wrong with soliciting their help in your search. Having top talent working at the company benefits them as well with more productivity and a positive culture to work in. So, don’t be afraid to:

  • Ask your current employee if they know anyone looking for work. They have the best knowledge of what it takes to work for the company and who would best fit in the company culture.
  • Ask your current employees to post company events on social media or share articles about the company.
  • Ask if they can write testimonials for the company’s career page. Testimonials go a long way for anyone making a big decision such as switching jobs.
  • Ask if they can give a review on a job search sites – people do read these when making the decision to apply.
Open Your Mind to Other Possibilities

If you tried all the ways previously mention and have shown some success but not got the results you want, using headhunters and recruiters can give you an extra bit of help to find awesome people.

Recruitment firms are ideal. Even though they do everything a company can do, they have one advantage: They specialize in the trade. Recruitment firms dedicate their entire energy into seeking and developing great talent.

  • They have the insider information that benefits employers and job seekers alike.
  • They have a vast network of contacts.
  • They offer coaching and training for candidates looking.
  • They know what companies are looking for and need and match the right candidate for the right job.
In the End…

Finding the superstars to take your business to the next level has challenges, but with the right strategy and a willingness to use all the methods to attract the right people, it is not impossible. Keep an open mind, use the people who work for you as a resource, and get the word out how great you are. Awesome candidates will come your way.

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