GattiHR Corner

With Charley Betzig, Regional Practice Leader, GattiHR

Charley Betzig is a Regional Practice Leader, leading the firm’s activity in Metro Detroit. Charley has spent his entire career in executive search, focusing in human resources (with an expertise in talent acquisition), as well as industrial and automotive. He is passionate about building long term relationships with clients and candidates alike.

What excites you about being in the Detroit market?

First, it’s great to be home!  It will be great to raise my kids here and see them do the same things I did growing up.  But in terms of the market, it is really exciting to see this economy evolve and diversify.  Take cars for example.  Detroit has always built great cars.  But now you are seeing world class technology developed and integrated into the industry that have the potential to change the way we operate in daily life.

Do you have a favorite search you have completed in Michigan? What made the search so exciting to complete?

There have been a couple of them.  In our traditional HR business, it was probably a privately held company we worked with who needed a new head of HR.  It was a tough search and involved a lot of consultative work with leadership around the role of and need for a progressive people function.  But very rewarding all the same.  Another search was a head of operations for a large automotive supplier in their connectivity business.  It was very cool to see what tier one suppliers are building to meet the needs of OEMs as they are evolving into true technology companies.

What are some of the biggest changes that are happening in Detroit? What are your favorite changes to see in the area?

The biggest visible change is everything that has happened downtown.  When I was a kid, we never went into downtown Detroit for fun.  But it is now a vibrant, happening place.  I have plenty of friends and acquaintances who have moved down.  It’s hard to believe, but the core of downtown really rivals Chicago now in terms of shopping, nightlife and just general attractiveness of the area.  It’s all reflective of that growing, diversifying economy we talked about.

What is the best piece of job search advice you have ever been given?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Your friends, family and colleagues want to help.  You may feel like you are being bothersome, but don’t.  Reach out to those people- especially former colleagues who know your work product.  They will try to help you.  One hidden blessing I always hear from people in transition is that it allows you to build your network in ways we often neglect when we are busy with a full-time job.

What is your favorite thing to do/see/eat in Michigan?

I love Northern Michigan.  I grew up spending time in the Leelanau Peninsula.  I met my wife there, got married there, and have some of my best memories there.  If my family could put up with the drive, I’d probably be there every weekend.  Oh, and Michigan football.  You’ll find us at every home game.  Reach out if you’re looking to tailgate!