GattiHR Corner

With Michael Delisle, VP, Regional Practice Leader, GattiHR

Michael Delisle is the Vice President, Regional Practice Leader at GattiHR. His primary focus is leading search and placement for our Industrial practice in the New England region. Michael has 20 years of experience in executive search and has completed several hundred mid-senior level assignments across sales, marketing, operations, and product functions. He strongly believes in creating a high touch, high value approach to client and candidate relationships.

What excites you about the manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing industry is experiencing the next industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is providing manufacturers a unique opportunity to leverage advanced technologies for product lifecycle including new innovations is distribution. The benefits provide advancements in operations, production, and deliver enhanced customer experience. The use of real-time platforms and data analytics provides companies intelligence to monitor supply chains instantaneously creating a flexible decision support environment to manage their business. As an observer, I’m seeing an industry transform which is very exciting! Private equity and venture capital are pouring into the market.

Do you have a favorite search you have completed so far? What made the search so exciting to complete?

We conducted a top-down sales leadership organization search project. The client sold a complex business intelligence platform to life sciences, financial services, and to public markets. They had recently by acquired by a private equity firm and sales growth had slipped to single digits. The culture was in flux without solid leadership. Within 6 months we had recruited a CRO, VP Americas, and several Sales Directors. The challenge and the fun part were to overcome the company’s brand perception and lagging technology. Creating a message that resonated with prospects and building a case for why it was a great opportunity was the challenge. Developing a story to engage candidates was difficult. The result was the sales organization exceeded plan by 25% within 18 months and the company was acquired at a 3x multiple shortly thereafter. Hitting our recruiting goal and then seeing the ultimate outcome is very satisfying to me. Our efforts have a real impact!

What are some of the biggest changes that are happening in industrial space? What are your favorite changes to see in the area?

There are 10 key trends that dominate manufacturing and will continue to be key transformers. IOT (internet of things) which entails the interconnection of devices within an existing infrastructure. At least 75B devices will be in use by 2025. The IOT adoption will rapidly accelerate product production, provide advanced digital views of the supply chain, drive efficiency, compliance, and product innovation. 63% of manufacturers believe that applying IOT solutions will impact profitability and are actively investing $260B over the next 24 months. This is an amazing time as this level of investment creates significant opportunities to be engaged across the supply chain space.

Great examples include the use of predictive technology especially in the maintenance of critical production equipment will significantly reduce downtime. Information Technology Intelligence Consulting cited that 98% of organizations with a single hour of downtime cost $100,000.

The latest digital technology advancements are leveraging supply chain competitive advantages. The use of technology to optimize logistics, manufacturing operations, procurement, product life science, and business intelligence are creating pricing advantages, lower logistic costs and enhance customer experience. PWC reported that one-third of 2,000 industrial companies have digitized their supply chains 2/3rds are making investments this year. Other advancements include Big Data, real-time insights, leveraging AI/machine learning as well as powerful cloud computing which is creating an environment where big data is usable. The entire EcoSystem is experiencing change. Recently I attended an online event hosted by IBM. The presentation was using AR devices in the manufacturing process. Electronic glasses are now being used and generating data in real-time to correct mistakes in production. So, anyone engaged in this space must be thrilled with the innovation.

What is the best piece of job search advice you have ever been given?

The best job search advice I can give is to select companies with outstanding leadership. Aligning yourself with a manager who creates an environment where you can be challenged, mentored, and developed can be career leveraging. Pick Eagles that elevate your game and position your career for growth. Your first priority shouldn’t be compensation. Focus on culture, product and services the company offers. Are they innovators? Will the environment stretch and challenge you? What skills and experience will be absorbed? Always think ahead about creating a personal brand.

What is your favorite thing to do/see/eat in New England?

I’m an adventurous person so I thrive on active fun such as skiing, hiking, kayaking. Traveling the coastline and relaxing at a seafood restaurant on the water is one of my favorite things to do. There are many microbrews so it’s great to sample various beers. Love chowder and any seafood!