Detroit GattiHR

Announcing our newest office! 

We are pleased to announce that GattiHR has opened a new office in Detroit! Charles Betzig will be leading this expansion and is responsible for the Firm’s activity in the area.

No state knows disruption like Michigan

In today’s economy, there is only one constant: disruption.  We are in an age of ever-accelerating technological advancement and no industry or profession is safe from needing to reinvent itself.  No state knows disruption like Michigan.  There was a time when Detroit and the state of Michigan were the envy of the country.  Indeed, Detroit was at one time the wealthiest city in the world on a per capita income basis.  All of this was built on the back of incredible industrial might that had not been seen until that time.  Michigan’s economy was a disruptor on the world stage.

Michigan’s trademark auto industry eventually ran up against economic hurdle after economic hurdle.  It began with the rapid globalization of the industry and tremendous competition from abroad.  And it has continued to today where the technological advancement of the space is changing traditional automobile manufacturing into a technology-laced, completely connected mobility industry.  My father spent his life in the automotive business, and I was fortunate to benefit from it and see firsthand the disruption of the sector as his career wound down.

The struggles that Detroit and all of Michigan have faced due to the disruption of the auto industry is well-trodden ground.  Detroit lays claim to the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history.  But what was once a fall from grace, has now started to become a comeback story.  Michigan’s economy has evolved and is growing again.  It is moving away from something completely dependent on automotive and into greater diversity.  The great universities here create an atmosphere perfect for technological advancement- look no further than the burgeoning startup community in Ann Arbor.  Life sciences, medical devices, healthcare, cybersecurity and aerospace/defense are all industries that are growing statewide.  The economic expansion is showing up everywhere- especially in downtown Detroit which is showing off this renaissance by becoming a truly vibrant city again.  Go to Detroit and you will not believe it is the same city that you’ve grown up hearing about.

Even the trademark auto sector is moving from fighting against the disruptive tide to now leading the way into a global, interconnected mobility industry.  Culture is changing within the automotive/mobility space from a hierarchical structure focused on manufacturing to more of an entrepreneurial, Silicon Valley-style of thinking focused on technological advancement.  It has not come without transition costs, but you can see Michigan’s mobility companies building to something that will again disrupt the world.

In order to drive this continued growth and evolution, it is critical to have the right people and organization in place.  GattiHR is hungry to be a part of that going forward.  We’ve been here on the periphery for years but are excited to get to work building better workforces with Michigan’s organizations as a real presence here in the state.  In order to continue to disrupt the world, we need to recruit innovative talent, retain our bright minds, and develop that talent into leaders.  This is an incredible time to be in Michigan.  For me, it is doubly exciting as a homecoming.  But the real excitement for us comes from being able to build the workforces necessary for Michigan’s companies and overall economy be a disruptor on the world stage.

Charles Betzig joined GattiHR in August 2016 as a Search Director to help build the Chicago office.  He has spent his entire career in executive search, focusing on human resources (with expertise in talent acquisition), as well as industrial and automotive.  He is passionate about building long term relationships with clients and candidates alike.