Vienna Summit


In partnership with PRAXI Alliance and host organization Iventa, our CEO, Tom Connolly traveled to Austria to present the findings from the 2019 Workforce Leadership Trends Report confirming the challenges Business Leaders around the world expect to face in the near future. The presentation was delivered to a group of International media representatives who gathered at the historically beautiful Das Triest Hotel in Vienna. Following the presentation and media Q&A, a multi-national moderated panel discussion was conducted to share local market perspectives on the survey findings. Panelists included Human Capital and Business leaders from Italy, Thailand, India, Belgium, Austria and the United States.

Despite on-going struggles with Job Design, managing Generational Differences in the Workplace and delivering opportunities for High Velocity Learning (of particular interest to European respondents), the

#1 global challenge to continued organizational growth is the need to improve communication. “It’s not so much about tech, as it is about talk,” said Tom Connolly, CEO at GattiHR, explaining that Workforce Leaders confirmed a need to raise the level of transparency and improve the effectiveness of communications in an era of information overload, general misinformation and increasingly disparate workforces.

Organizations continue struggling to attract talent. However, the ultra-competitive labor market has forced many to refocus and look inward toward engaging existing talent. “Talent continues to have the advantage, and people are moving into new roles at record pace. So, we’re finally seeing organizations place more balanced emphasis to look inward with an increased focus and investment in employee engagement, retention, learning and development,” said Tom.

Tom Connolly

Leaders report being stymied by change, more specifically, the rapid pace of change. And while, respondents identified Organizational Inertia as the top obstacle to change management, Shifting Priorities was another top barrier. “Constant Change and Organizational Inertia are really two sides of the same coin,” Tom shared, during the panel discussion. “From either perspective, it’s “resistance” and, that’s something that must be addressed in order to facilitate any transformation.”

The 3-day Global Leadership Summit is attended by PRAXI Alliance member organizations who are Business Leaders from nearly 25 countries and conduct business operations in every region around the world.