Industrial Leaders Making Moves – April 5,  2021

Companies Included:

Ambi Robotics
Blu Sleep
Duke Energy
Fairbanks Morse
Mazza Recycling

Motion Industries
Serve Robotics
Shenandoah Growers
Shermco Industries
Trident Marine Group

Congratulations to each of the following on their new appointments:

Jim Liefer, CEO Ambi Robotics

Mark Patrick Tame, Vice President Sales, Strategy and Operations at Blu Sleep

David Stepanek, Executive Vice President, Sales and Chief Transformation Officer at Bristow

Samantha Willenbacher, Senior Vice President, Americas at Bristow

Stuart Stavley, Senior Vice President, Global Fleet Management at Bristow

David Martin, Vice President, Commercial and New Markets at Bristow

Julie Janson, EVP & CEO – Duke Energy Carolinas at Duke Energy

Alex Glenn, EVP & CEO – Duke Energy Florida and Midwest at Duke Energy

Dwight Jacobs, SVP, Supply Chaing & Procurement at Duke Energy

Michael Clark, COO at Fairbanks Morse

Richard Lackey, VP, Sheet Metal Operations at Haberberger

Richard Vile, COO at Mazza Recycling

Aaron Calhoon, Director of Operations at Mortenson

James Howe, EVP at Motion Industries

Janisse Quiñones, Senior Vice President, Gas Engineering at PG&E

Mark Quinlan, Vice President, PSPS Operations and Execution at PG&E

David Klanecky, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Piedmont

Gregory Dudkin, EVP & COO at PPL

Touraj Parang, COO at Serve Robotics

Cameron Geiger, COO at Shenandoah Growers

Peter Holland, President & COO at Shermco Industries

Charlie Petosa, Vice President of Maritime Operations at Trident Marine Group

Robert Hull, COO at UMS

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