Keeping Up With People Leaders – May 25, 2021

Companies Included:

Agrace HospiceCare
American Airlines
Foster Garvey PC
J. Crew Group

Millennium Trust
St. Olaf’s College
The Chronicle of Higher Education
T-Rex Solutions

Congratulations to each of the following on their new appointments:

Ivory Harris, Senior VP, Chief Human Resources Officer at AGCO

Michelle Scheffler, VP, HR at Agrace HospiceCare

Mecole Brown, Chief People Officer at American Airlines

Max Langenkamp, Senior VP, HR at Cintas

Traci Metcalf, Chief People Officer at Foster Garvey PC

Astrid Warren, Chief People Officer at IDEMIA

Jose Davila, Chief People Officer at J. Crew Group

Craig Simmons, Head of People at Jupiter

Karyn DeFalco, Chief Human Resources Officer at Millennium Trust

Christine Deputy, Chief People Officer at Pinterest

Hope Broadway, VP, HR at Seibels

Leslie Moore, VP, HR at St. Olaf’s College

Angela DeLeon, Chief Human Resources Officer at The Chronicle of Higher Education

Cathy Lerche, Chief People Officer at T-Rex Solutions

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