Keeping Up With People Leaders – May 4, 2021

Companies Included:

Cumberland County, North Carolina
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Glitnor Group
GXO Logistics
ICW Group
Jack in the Box

Southwest Power Pool
Step By Step Inc.
Velocity Global
Walt Disney Co.

Congratulations to each of the following on their new appointments:

Sean McDevitt, Executive VP, Chief Human Resources Officer at Beacon

Amaris McComas, Chief People Officer at CPSI

Anthony Wade, Director, HR at Cumberland County, North Carolina

Heidi Conway, VP, HR at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Cathryn McGinty, Chief Human Resources Officer at Glitnor Group

Maryclaire Hammond, Chief Human Resources Officer at GXO Logistics

Michael Molina, VP, HR at ICW Group

Steven Piano, Chief People Officer at Jack in the Box

Sharawn Connors, Chief Diversity and Inclusion at Officer Micron

Sheila Storch, VP, HR at Mspark

Sarah Wilson, Chief People Officer at Rokt

Kelly Carney, VP, Human Capital and Chief People Officer at Southwest Power Pool

Jackie Sharifi, VP, HR at Step By Step Inc.

Ron Phillips, Executive VP, Chief Human Resources Officer at Sysco

Staci Schwartz, VP, HR at Tripwire

Sarah Fern, Chief People Officer at Velocity Global

Paul Richardson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Walt Disney Co.

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