Need the Best Manufacturing Candidates Fast?
3 Proven Ways TalentBoost Delivers

Written by Michael Delisle, Vice President, Practice Leader for Digital Health

When Michelle Piper-Wright took on talent acquisition duties at one of the largest label companies in the world, her new team was deep-rooted in a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) model that she said needed significant retooling.

The former director of global talent strategy and attraction at Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) said her department was not collecting as many well-qualified hires as expected before COVID-19 arrived and significantly fewer afterward.

“I needed someone to work with me to understand our business and the challenges we face,” she said. “We needed someone to bring creative, innovative ideas about how we could do things differently.”

Piper-Wright turned to a familiar ally to build a better workforce fast, one with more than 15 years of Fortune 300 corporate HR leadership: J.L. Baker, now CEO of GattiHR, the largest full-cycle HR specialty search firm.

Baker, in turn, advised her to speak with his colleague Tom Connolly, GattiHR’s managing director and the leader of its TalentBoost end-to-end digital workforce solution.

“TalentBoost’s services might be just what you’re looking for,” Piper-Wright recalls Baker telling her.

TalentBoost is a high-velocity recruiting, onboarding and training platform that instantly builds organizations—in many instances, within days. Its high-volume RPO recruiting technology is a lot of things—fast, scalable and data-driven, all backed by an ecosystem of award-winning applications and partners.

But TalentBoost also keeps its human, providing continuous support, wisdom and insight into how to pinpoint and hire thousands of high-performing, rank-and-file candidates to fill an assortment of mission-critical openings.

TalentBoost’s success stories range from high-volume recruitment efforts in commercial and energy to sourcing thousands of contract tracers during a pandemic.

And now, as Piper-Wright explains, hiring hundreds of hourly workers for label manufacturing.

Here are the three qualities she says helps TalentBoost separate itself from competitors.

Working with a Partner With a Genuine Willingness to Learn

“First of all, they’re strong partners,” Piper-Wright says. “They want to learn and understand your business.”

It’s a quality, she says, that’s important because other end-to-end RPO solution providers “say they do, but they don’t. With each location (TalentBoost) worked with us at, they dug in deep and took the extra time to understand the needs and challenges associated with the site.”

TalentBoost took on RPO efforts at a quartet of MCC locations, including those in smaller job market locations like Scottsburg, Indiana; York, Pennsylvania; and Napa, California. The TalentBoost team traveled and met with company leaders at each facility where jobs were required. There, TalentBoost executives worked to build rapport with the community and learn what specific talents each position required.

“It was that individualized touch that really made a difference,” Piper-Wright says.

Getting Up-to-Date Information Without Leaving Your Browser

How many candidates have you hired at each location, and how many are in the pipeline? How many have been phone-screened, and how many did you pass on?

These were all questions Piper-Wright says she asked TalentBoost.

“We are very metrics-driven,” Piper-Wright says. “We constantly need data and information.”

With TalentBoost’s platform, and the detailed reports it produced, all the answers she needed were a click or two away.

“Their dashboard, where TalentBoost presents you with a list of suggested candidates, and you can click yes or no to hiring, is one of the best features they offer,” Piper-Wright says.

TalentBoost’s RPO services, which includes a database of 100,000-plus screened and assessed applications, automated each hire’s sourcing, recruitment, interviewing and onboarding, allowing Piper-Wright to focus on growing her new department. Likewise, it helped MCC build a dynamic workforce with the dedicated, complementary skills their various facilities needed.

Knowing You’re Getting Well-Qualified Applicants—Fast

TalentBoost instantly sped up MCC’s traditional hiring process, helping the conglomerate hire “a few hundred” hourly manufacturing workers in just four months, Piper-Wright says.

That’s an impressive tally during any timeframe, she adds. It’s even more impressive amid today’s worker shortage, particularly in manufacturing, where the talent gap is so wide and long-lasting that 2.1 million jobs could go unfilled by the end of the decade, according to reports.

Perhaps more manufacturers should utilize TalentBoost, whose services include TalentBoost University, a digital learning management system that consists of 2,600-plus high-quality courses from more than 130 global partners, each of which helps elevate your new workforce.

Clients can also develop customized employee development programs with their proprietary content.

“TalentBoost repeatedly sent over on candidates who were better qualified and overall better quality,” Piper-Wright says.

TalentBoost also helped hire higher-up roles such as production supervisory positions.

Would Piper-Wright use TalentBoost again for additional high-volume recruiting tasks in the future? Yes, she said.

She already is.

TalentBoost is now carrying out similar RPO responsibilities at two additional locations in Wisconsin.

“I appreciate their partnership and their thought leadership on a variety of challenges, including their ability to think outside the box and pivot to find the right solution,” she said. “They offered the advanced solutions we needed to change how we hire—and hire for the better.”