Agr International Inc. has retained GattiHR Industrial for their Manager, Production Planning and Manufacturing Services. Tom Conroy and Bob Cwenar are leading this search.

Agr is a world-class, innovative supplier of quality assurance and process automation equipment to the global packaging markets. That equipment incorporates multiple technologies including infrared light absorption, sonic, capacitive sensing and vision-based technology. 

Agr’s products and services are specifically designed to help bottle manufacturers, preform and plastic container manufacturers, fillers and beverage companies around the world to produce high-quality containers while improving efficiencies, reducing costs and contributing to the responsible management of resources. 

Reporting to the Director of Operations, The Manager of Production Planning & Manufacturing Services will be responsible for the creation of the annual Master Production Schedule (MPS) which defines the efficient and on-time production of equipment to meet market demand. The role will be focused on preparing and maintaining the production schedule, mentoring the overall production planning team, and emphasize the need for process improvements overall for scheduling and planning.  

In addition to creating and maintaining the annual MPS, the Manager Production Planning and Manufacturing Services will be responsible for the management oversight and leadership of production planners (approx. 5-7). The production planners are responsible for the day-to-day planning activities including master production scheduling of products, material requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirements planning, production scheduling, shipping, and independent demand management. Management responsibilities also include the oversight of staff responsible for the creation of bills of material, routings and related structures to facilitate efficient flow of material through the manufacturing operation. 

This role is important to AGR’s objectives by creating production plans and material flow which meet corporate objectives for cost, quality, and customer service level. 

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