There Is No Mystery: Job Interview Tips To Help You Land The Right Job

Any time you’re dealing with a human resources executive placement firm, you’re going to likely find discussion about job interview tips.  The mystique surrounding what to do and what not to do in a job interview to better one’s chances of getting a sought after job would almost be amusing were it not such a serious topic of conversation to people seeking employment.  Nuances of perception are groomed as carefully as appearance and there are those who truly are convinced their chances might be improved if they hold their mouth in just the right way when they shake hands with their interviewer, assuming he or she offers his or her hand first, naturally!

In truth, the person or group of people charged with conducting interviews for an open company position aren’t nearly as interested in an applicant’s interviewing skills as they are in hiring the one person who is the best fit for their organization as a whole and their team in particular.  With this in mind, consider approaching your next interview with these particular tips in mind!

  • Show you’re a team player.  One way to do this is to comply with the most commonly offered job interview tips: dress nicely, go easy on the jewelry and cologne, and in general, attempt to show in your demeanor and dress your respect for both the interviewer as well as the organization he/she represents.
  • Be yourself.  Ultimately, you will not be happy if you get hired by pretending to be something you’re not.  For example, if you’re naturally an introvert, there’s no need to paint yourself as an bubbling extrovert, unless you want to continue in this role, indefinitely.
  • Do your homework on the organization.  Dig deep.  Study until you feel you have an understanding of what makes the entire company tick.  Be prepared to ask as well as answer questions, and plan questions that show your understanding of and interest in the company’s mission.
  • Be prepared for anything.  Role play with your spouse or a friend your entry, expected questions, the possibility of being interviewed by more than one person, a phone interview, etc.  It is often helpful to imagine that you are the interviewer.  Write out the questions you would ask someone hoping to land the job you’re applying for and be prepared to answer them.
  • Answer questions succinctly.  Don’t ramble.  Listen to the question, ask a clarifying question if necessary, and answer the question.  Be prepared to elaborate further if asked to do so, but show that you value the interviewer’s time.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should be on time for your interview, not walk in eating, drinking or chewing gum, make direct eye contact and make sure your cell phone is turned off.  An interview is your opportunity to sell yourself, but it’s also your opportunity to make sure that this is a company with which you are compatible.  Make every effort to communicate clearly. Let your true personality shine, have fun, and good luck!

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