Top 5 Skills You’ll Need To Stay Relevant In The Future Labor Market

As a 21st-century worker, you always need to upgrade your skills if you want to stay relevant. Even businesses need to evolve as technological innovations shape every aspect of work. These days, automation, coding, and other soft skills are taking the lead because of the digital revolution. Millions of people are trying to become web developers,, data scientists, and software engineers. The point is that most of the in-demand skills of the 21st century will take you on a computer science career path. Just as automation made many hands-on jobs obsolete, it has also produced a new set of jobs that didn’t exist a few decades ago. These are five skills worth having in the future:

1. Blockchain Development Skills

The digitization of the world has come with several benefits but it has also come with some disadvantages. The overflow of information on the Internet has given tech companies and governments too much power. A little over a decade ago, an anonymous software developer came up with a technology that will give power back to the people. The developer, who only identifies as Satoshi Nakomoto, built Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency on the world’s first blockchain. This blockchain is a decentralized public ledger with a range of applications. According to LinkedIn, blockchain development skills are among the highest demanded skills in 2020. This isn’t a surprise since the WEF has predicted that more than 10 percent of the world’s GDP will be stored securely on the blockchain in the next seven years.

2. Healthcare Skills

For now, there is no reason to believe that technology has found a way for people to live forever without sickness or pain. This is why there has always been a high demand for registered nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professions. In 2020, this demand surged significantly for good reason. Healthcare workers have been fighting Covid-19 from the frontlines. In the next few years, the demand for these professionals will keep increasing as the global life expectancy continues to rise and the birth rate continues to decline. So, if you’re thinking of entering a new career path, you might want to consider something in the healthcare sector.

3. App Development and Design

Automation might be the order of the day but these automatic devices are still being created by hardware and software engineers. Digital tools like phones, computers, and other smart devices need to be upgraded and recreated. New versions of digital devices are essential in the industry so there is always going to be high demand for the app developers and designers who make these devices more functional and beautiful. You can learn how to become an app developer from a reliable online resource. Some of these resources are free while some require payment. The good news is that online learning allows you to progress at your own pace so you can work and study.

4. Marketing Skills

What do blockchain technology, app development, and pharmaceuticals have in common? They all need to be distributed by marketers. So, you see why you should build your marketing skills? It is among the top 10 jobs with high demand now because there is still no way to fully automate marketing and sales. AI tools have improved marketing and sales significantly but there is still a need for humans to direct the process and develop marketing strategies. Right now, one of the most popular forms of marketing across industries is digital marketing. It involves using digital technology and avenues to reach out to prospects.

5. Creative Skills

If you want to succeed in the future job market, you need to be a creative person at the forefront of innovation. Technology has been advancing at a rapid pace and people have become accustomed to this speed. Across industries, creative thinkers who can come up with fresh product ideas are in high demand. This demand will only get higher in the years to come. Keep in mind that creativity in-demand cuts across industries. Even successful human-machine collaboration depends significantly on creativity.


Work is always going to be needed for society to function properly. The only thing that will change is how industries function (how work works). This will lead to the demand for certain skills as opposed to others. Apart from skills that rely significantly on computers, there is always going to be a high demand for skills that have to do with people. Things like emotional intelligence and leadership skills will make you an asset across sectors. All you have to do is apply yourself.