The Multi-Generational Workforce

As HR professionals, we all have the opportunity to be allies and upstanders for a diverse workforce. The best part about our perspective on this is that usually, it’s evidence-based. Yes, it’s an important element of a core-values set. However, we also have the accumulated benefit of watching the workforces we help build do better when people with different learning styles, perspectives, and life experiences work on big problems together.

The five generations that participate in today’s workforce is obviously just one dimension of diversity, but it’s a representative one. In this issue, a couple of people from the GattiHR team have dug in a bit on this particular dimension. As we talked about getting this issue of WorkForward out, it helped us focus on those less obvious, more subtle, more unconscious biases we all have. Five-gen doesn’t really trigger the bias recognition many of us immediately recognize when we think about communities of color, gender, sexual orientation or identification.

We hope this issue triggers the same sort of thinking for our readers. Let us know – we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, #buildabetterworkforce.

The Crew at GattiHR