WorkForward September 2019

Career Resiliency

The editorial cycle for WorkForward can be a little erratic.  We try to put an issue out every 6 weeks or so, but we’re a small firm, so client work always comes first.  As we put this issue to bed a week late, on the 18th anniversary of 9/11, it seemed appropriate to send a small and personal shout out to a few HR colleagues whose careers and lives were changed that day.  Since we’re all data-hounds here at GattiHR, we also used it as an opportunity to check in on them (at least on LinkedIn…).

First, I’m very happy to report that my 100+ colleagues at UBS seem to be faring well and have gone on to have great careers.  UBS got off relatively easy that day, but we had a great role to play in lighting up a dark trading floor and getting the fixed income markets up and running in just 5 days.  Steve, Eddie, Audrey, Barbara, AB, Tracy, Peter, and Robin, I’m still awed by the work you and the rest of the crew delivered.

Second, my 100+ colleagues at Lehman Bros are overall, in similarly good shape.  I only had the privilege of working with this team after things were back up and running, and it’s too easy for many of us to forget that the 7,000 or so Lehman employees who worked near Ground Zero kept the company running by packing into other sites, conference rooms, hotels and working from home.  Anthony, Ford, Linda and (especially) MJ, you’re life-long role models.

If we work in HR, career resiliency is something that’s always part of the job, for ourselves, our organizations, and the employees we look after.  Eighteen years ago, we got tested.  I’m happy to say we passed.

As always, we’re interested to hear your perspectives on this topic.

– Tom